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Ok...I need to go to bed, 'cause Kazuma Kodaka-Sama is doing her manga demonstration at 10am tomorrow, and there's no way I'm gonna be late for that.

But...I wanted to briefly sum-up the highlights of today =D

They were playing FF7 Advent Chillins (what most of the staff refers to it as ;D) while we were waiting to register. The registration went super smoothly, thank goodness, and I headed back to the room to eat and chill until 7 when the opening ceremony was gonna happen.

I popped into the swap meet for a few minutes...and after scrutinizing (sp?) some Saiyuki doujinshi for Ravyn (which I passed up...blah) I ended up with things for me (I'm so bad >=']): 3 Be-Boy 'magazines' (for $20) which are each like 3-4 inches thick ::drool::, Bronze #3 for $3, and the cutest thing ever! I saw a little pink round thing on one of the tables, and picked it up thinking it was Kirby or something...it was a Saizo (the pig) antennae (sp?) topper! OMG! I don't think I can put it on my car and give it that much abuse! I think I'll have to find a pen to put it on =D 50 cents, and by far my favorite purchase thus far XD!

EDIT: wait! good idea! I should actually make it into antannae...headband with springs...pink, pissed off little Saizo on one side...I wonder who on the other? =D

The opening ceremony was awesome...they played a video made by tpod (whom I still haven't seen since she must be tiny and was in a big group of people near the door...or don't -know- that I've seen if I've seen her elsewhere in the con areas...) of pictures from the last 4 years of Y-Con that I really hope she posts online for us to DL. The room had 300 chairs, which were all full, and a ton of people standing in the back (myself included). The microphone wasn't cooperating...so the man might as well have been Charlie Brown's teacher for all that we understood.

I hovered in the lobby with most everyone else when it was done instead of going upstairs to watch Kizuna. Luckily for me, this made me at the front of the line for Bishounen Bingo ;D

In a whole room full of people (most of them with multiple bingo cards) I actually managed to get a bingo! I was so nervous going up to the stage that I was shaking really badly! I got to take an article of clothing off of a bishy (so cute! I got a closeup of him before he walked away) and my only option was his over shirt, since his pants were already gone. hee! The audience was shouting for me to unbutton it with my teeth...eeeek! I had to have been beet red! I ended up winning a glass and rhinestone framed bromide card of Fuuma from X. I have to admit I was a little disappointed when I saw some of the other prizes, like a Loveless cork board, or the signed Kazuma Kodaka doujinshi ::whimpers and makes grabby fingers:: But the whole thing was absolutely too much fun. I even won a poster of Resident Evil 4 for Jen! Cute main boy...zombies...what more could she need in a poster? ;D

OMG...and I -so- wanted to take "Irvine" home with me...::le sigh::

Including the deleted ones, I've taken a total of 196 pictures...damnable boi stripping! ;D I have 275 left. Hmmm...I'm thinking I should've gotten the 1 gig card...hehe. My poor craptastic laptop doesn't -have- a port for me to plug into...grr...so I'll have to be more careful with my picture taking for the next two days ;]

G'night all...and if anyone knows anyone that's here, lemme know, k?

::hugs to all, and heads to bed::

Beginning Cash Balance Pre-Con = 214
Current Cash Balance = 185

Which means I spent (lessee 214 - 20 - 3 - .50 = 190.50 - 185 = 5.50 spent on Bingo cards at .50 each ;] not bad for 3 hours and a winning card ;D)


Well...I'm here...is anyone that I might know (or who knows any of you) here?

::feeling particularly alone at the moment::

personally, I like the band better...

interlock - is apparently the mechanism between the brake pedal and the steering column that allows the gear to be shifted out of Park when the brake pedal is depressed.


OK...life wins...where's my towel, I think I'm ready to throw it in.

...unless, maybe, I can throw it -at- someone?

hmm...might need like 3 then, instead of just 1...

Babies Everywhere!

What I posted to crazyfaeriegirl's LJ just moments ago:

Mina had her babies tonight!

They were delivered by C-Section at about 5:45pm PST. The girl was technically delivered first, although the boy was attempting to be born first (the natural way & ass-first no less).

Their stats (that I'm not entirely positive are correct, but Mina can update when she's home and online again ;]) are:

Celes - 19", 5.4lbs (removed first)
Auric - 18", 6.0lbs (removed 2 minutes later)

There was a scare when they were first born...the boy's heart wasn't beating. They got it going immediately, though, and he's quite the little vocalist now (compared to the little girl anyway ;P).

Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that the babies and Mina are all doing fine. The babies are in the nursery over night so that the nurses can finish getting the fluid out of their little lungs and make sure everything is all OK before putting them into Mina's room. This'll give Mina a night of actual sleep, too, which should do her some definite good. She was exhausted when we left at 9pm tonight...poor thing...she'd started having contractions at about 1am this morning and didn't go to the hospital until more normal hours.

I'll go and see her again tomorrow, and I'll update again if I get more definite length and weight stats on the babies.

If you need to contact me for any reason (or to send well-wishings that I can take to her in the hospital) my email addy is k_squota@yahoo.com

since I wasn't around much yesterday...

Happy (late) Father's Day krikedo!

I don't update forever and come back with a question >;]

Does anyone still have the link to the store that was selling t-shirted plot bunnies?

FYI - I'm mostly moved into the new house...computer, bed, cats, clothes, toiletries, food, entertainment center...what more do I need? >;D


I got a 3.3 in Medical Terminology =D
(while working 2 jobs, finding then buying a house, taking 1 week off to go to London, and attempting to do homework and study in my 'spare time')

Home from London

...reality sucks...

I wanna go back ::pouts::

Daily Lyric Quote

"Once, as the night was leaving
Into us our dreams were weaving.
Once, all dreams were worth keeping."

Daily Lyric Quote

"And you are free to change your mind
any place or time."